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AST in Elevated Liver Enzymes

AST is one kind of liver enzyme that is tested. It, along with ALT, is one of the enzymes that is often found to be raised where there is liver disease.

Medical reasons behind elevated AST enzymes

Despite the fact that increased levels may be linked to a liver issue, a high amount of AST can also point to problems that are located elsewhere. Some possible reasons why it might be above its normal range are mentioned here.

Acute kidney failure

This condition is one reason that AST may be raised. It involves a quick and continuing loss of the patient's kidney function. In order to provide treatment to attempt to stop whatever is leading to the continued loss of function, a cause needs to be determined. Kidney dialysis may be used in the meanwhile. Urine output is typically low in cases of this illness. This situation is known as oliguria. The patient might experience exhaustion. Cardiac dysrhythmia may impact him. A headache might also be something that the person goes through.

Acute pancreatitis

This condition occurs when the pancreas becomes inflammed in a quick manner. A fever and chills are commonly seen. Abdominal pain is also frequent, and it may spread to the patient's back. The person with the case of pancreatitis may also lose his appetite. Others are possible. Despite this, it is not necessary that all these symptoms appear in a case of this illness. In some cases pain may be the only noticeable thing. Severe cases of this may lead to serious complications and even a high incidence of fatility, even though the patient is treated.

Heart attack

This term refers to a situation where a section of the heart undergoes blood supply interruption, leading to cell death. A number of symptoms might be found in such a circumstance. For instance, the patient may perspire in an excessive way. Nausea can occur, and the individual may vomit. A sensation of breathlessness, which is medically referred to as dyspnea, may also be noted. Chest pain may rapidly occur. However, about one out of every four heart attacks is "silent," producing no noticeable symptoms.

There are various risk factors that are associated with higher incidence of heart attacks, including being obese, smoking tobacco, having diabetes, having a low level of HDL cholesterol, and others. A heart attack is a medical emergency. If one is suspected then please contact emergency medical personnel.

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