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Cirrhosis is a situation in which the affected person may have elevated liver enzymes. The condition develops as a result of chronic liver disease.

Clinical findings

One of its characteristic issues found in this condition is fibrosis which takes the place of liver tissue. Scarring also affects the liver. Nodules may also show up. Overall, the condition brings on a worsening function of the liver.


Spider angioma may appear on the patient's skin. Fluid build up within the peritoneal cavity, known as ascites, is another possibility that might occur. Jaundice can also be associated with this illness. It involves a yellow discoloration which can affect the skin, but can also involve the mucus membranes and whites of the eyes. The spleen may also become enlarged -- this situation is known as splenomegaly. The liver's size may also change, as it can become larger or smaller (it may also stay the same size). The patient may feel a sense of exhaustion. Unintentional weight loss can occur, and a loss of appetite is also possible.


A collection of liver diseases, as well as some other conditions, can lead to cirrhosis. Hepatitis C is a common reason, as is abuse of alcohol. Wilson's disease also has the potential to bring on cirrhosis. Infection by some parasites is another reason that it can occur.


The preferred method for diagnosis is typically a liver biopsy. If liver function tests are administered, they might show elevation in some enzymes, including ALT, AST, and others. Ultrasonography may also be used for looking into the state of the condition in the patient.


Once damage to the liver has happened because of cirrhosis, in most cases it cannot be undone. In spite of this, providing treatment might help to impede the advancement of the situation. Complications may also be lessened when the condition is treated. What method is used is based, at least somewhat, upon the kind of cirrhosis that is being dealt with.

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