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Diabetes is a possible cause of elevated liver enzymes. The disease can occur in different forms, some of which are discussed in this page. In general, diabetes involves a situation where the individual has high levels of blood glucose. This can be due to different reasons. Let's look at some of the forms of this illness that exist.

Type 1 diabetes

This form is sometimes referred to as juvenile diabetes. It occurs due to a lack of insulin production. The person then needs to take insulin as a treatment, often by injection. A pump can also be used to administer insulin. The three Ps are common symptoms in cases of type 1 of this illness. One of those is polyuria, which is urinating more often than usual. Another is polyphagia, or a heightened level of hunger. Polydipsia is a third one of these, and it is a level of thirst that is raised. Additionally, the patient can experience unintentional weight loss. Feeling exhausted is also possible.

Various risk factors are considered as potentially being involved in the development of type 1 diabetes. It is thought that genetics is involved, and that there is also a trigger, and that exposure to an antigen is also linked with it. Viruses, diet, and other factors are potentially related to the development.

Type 2 diabetes

This form is alternately referred to by other names, including adult-onset diabetes. In contrast to the first type, it involves resistance to insulin that is produced. Despite this, it can also involve some level of a deficiency of insulin, as well. Symptoms of type 2 diabetes may be similar to those that are found in the other form.

Both genetics and lifestyle could be involved the development of this type, and other factors might also be linked. Things such as being physically active and having a normal weight are associated with lower rates of type 2 diabetes. The same can be said for having a healthy diet, and other items. Some medical conditions can lead to this, or worsen it. Some of these possibilities include Cushing's syndrome, cancer, and high blood pressure. Medications may be used to treat some cases of type 2 diabetes. In some instances, changes to the diet and getting additional exercise are options. There are various forms of treatment that might be used. Discuss with a doctor to find out what he recommends in your own situation.

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