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Enlarged Liver

One of the situations in which a person might have elevated liver enzymes is when he has an enlarged liver. Medically speaking, this can also be referred to as hepatomegaly. Here, some of the issues related to this condition are considered in a general sense. If you do need medical advice, though, please get in touch with a doctor, as this site is not a replacement for such assistance.


Aside from having elevated liver enzymes, there are other things that may potentially point to a case of liver enlargement. For one, in some situations, jaundice can show up. This is where the person is affected by yellowing, often on this skin. Frequently, something that will appear is a mass in the patient's abdomen. Exhaustion is another issue that might affect the person. An individual with hepatomegaly might also go through pain in the abdomen.

Keep in mind, though, that not every person with enlargement of the liver will show symptoms. Additionally, those that are mentioned on this page can be brought on by other conditions (including other liver problems). Of course, there are also many other potential symptoms.


There are many reasons why an individual might have an enlarged liver. Some such reasons are various kinds of cancer, or even a benign tumor. Cirrhosis can also be involved as a medical cause. A range of infectious diseases can also cause hepatomegaly. For instance, mononucleosis may lead to this. Polycystic liver disease is another illness that may lead to hepatomegaly.


A liver function test is among the items that can be used in making a diagnosis in this situation. The patient's history, medically speaking, can also be taken into consideration. He may also undergo a physical exam. Other tests and diagnostic methods can be involved, as well.


Once this condition has been diagnosed, the doctor may prescribe a particular method of treatment. The medical issue that brought on the hepatomegaly is something that may be thought of when he selects a treatment regimen. Of course, other factors cane be taken into consideration.

Continue reading about elevated liver enzymes and possible causes of them. Additional information is also available, including details on general symptoms that may be experienced when has such raised enzymes.

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