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Liver Healthy Foods

If you have elevated liver enzymes due to certain kinds of liver disease, then you may want to consider a diet that involves more foods that are healthy for that organ. On this page, some of that aspects that are considered in such a program are brought up. Please do remember that this is not medical advice, and if you want to modify your diet to include more liver healthy foods, you should talk with a doctor and go through the plan under his supervision.

What's out or reduced?

It's time to break the "bad news" first. Thinking of what foods would need to be reduced when the liver is not doing well, fried ones may come to your mind. That is the case: fried foods are something that may prove difficult for the liver, and that means lessening the amount of those that is consumed may be beneficial. In general, other foods that are high in fat, especially if it is trans fat, should also be reduced.

Alcohol, of course, is well known as being tough on the liver. Intake of this is often seriously limited, and the doctor may even ask the patient to completely eliminate it from his diet.

Due to the fact that the normal processing of protein is not done when the liver has a serious level of damage, it is possible that in some cases that should be reduced. Also, depending on the severity of the condition, sodium (and therefore, salt) may need to be limited.

What's in or increased?

When one has a disease of this type, often resulting in elevated liver enzymes, there may be particular foods that are beneficial for the health of the liver. An increase of the amount of carbohydrates, in general, is something that might be useful. That doesn't mean to go to the store and buy a huge bag of candy, though. Try having more whole grains. These often contain significant amounts of fiber, which is also thought to be useful for the liver.

Vegetables are also often high in fiber. In particular, those of the cruciferous variety may be helpful for a person with a diseased liver. Broccoli is a well-known member of this group, but veggies like cabbage and kale are also included. If you don't like any of those, other vegetables are still thought to be helpful. Additionally, garlic is thought to be useful to the liver in this circumstance.

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