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Heart failure

Heart failure is one of the situations where a person's medical testing may show elevated liver enzymes. In this condition, a person's heart is not able to provide the necessary level of blood flow to the body. This usually takes place when the output by the heart is low, but it can also occur due to a greater level of demand by the body.


Many possible symptoms could show up in a case of heart failure. One such item is shortness of breath, medically referred to as dyspnea. Another thing that can result is swelling in the legs. Heart murmurs can also occur -- these are heart sounds that are pathologic in nature. A wheeze may also affect such a person.

Beyond these, it is also possible for someone with heart failure to have ascites, which refers to the collecting of fluid in the person's peritoneal cavity. Needing to urinate at night -- frequently -- is another issue that can result. The liver may also become enlarged.


There are many reasons why heart failure can occur. It seems that the most common medical reason to lead to this situation is ischemic heart disease. This is where there is a decreased blood supply to the person's heart. High blood pressure is another relatively common medical cause. Obesity, diabetes, and smoking are among the other causes.


Various methods are used in an attempt to diagnose cases of heart failure. There are certain sets of criteia that are often used, but none of them is considered to be the benchmark for this issue. As far as testing that is involved, blood tests can be administered, including LFTs to look for the presence of elevated liver enzymes. X-rays and ultrasound technology are both things that the doctor may use. This is not a complete list of possible diagnostic methods.


Both the symptoms and the medical issue itself can be targeted in the methods that are chosen to treat a person with heart failure. If there is an underlying cause that can be treated, then that may also be taken into consideration. A variety of medicines can be used. Talk with a doctor for information on these and any other options that might be available.

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