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High Triglycerides

Having high triglycerides is something that might cause a person to have elevated liver enzymes, as well. Triglycerides are measured in the blood using the lipid panel, which also measures cholesterol. Although they are not actually a form of cholesterol, they are included in the sum known as "total cholesterol." This figure counts the person's LDL, plus HDL, plus 20% of triglycerides. Therefore, if the person's numbers in those three areas were, respectively, 90, 45, and 100, his total cholesterol would be 155.

Whereas HDL is considered beneficial, LDL and triglycerides are considered to be harmful when present in high amounts in someone's blood. Therefore, high triglycerides are not desired. The American Heart Association states that any level of triglycerides up to 149 is normal, while above that but no more than 199 is borderline high, and 200 or above is considered to be high triglycerides (greater than 500 is noted as very high).

Diets that are rich in carbohydrates may be linked to higher levels. Excessive use of alcohol can also raise this count. On the other side of the coin, exercise may be useful in lowering triglycerides. A doctor might also recommend supplements, including omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in fish oil. Carnitine is another item that might be considered in this area. Please talk with a professional regarding treatment, whether supplements or any other way, rather than relying on the general information provided here which is not professional in nature nor intended to be used in any specific instance.

Medical issues related to high triglycerides

Raised levels have been associated with arterial hardening known as atherosclerosis. Due to this, such a situation may indirectly lead to a greater incidence of other issues like stroke and coronary disease. Yet, there is a significant relationship between HDL and triglycerides, in an inverse way. Therefore, some of this incidence can be explained by the low levels of HDL that are often seen when a person has high triglycerides.

As for the liver, fatty liver is a condition that can be caused by abnormal levels of lipids in the blood.

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