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Jaundice is seen in many cases where there are elevated liver enzymes. This symptom involves a yellow discoloration that affects the individual. Often, it occurs on the skin, but it is not limited to that, as the whites of the eyes can also be affected. Moreover, various other mucosae can be involved (if you're wondering what these are, they are things such as the mouth, nostrils, and so on).

What are some situations where jaundice and elevated liver enzymes may be seen together? Here are some circumstances to consider. Just remember that this list is not exhaustive, as there are other reasons for this medical situation.


This is something that may result when an individual has chronic liver disease. It can lead to a variety of symptoms, of which jaundice is one. It is possible for the liver to become greater or lesser in terms of size. Weight loss can occur, despite not being intended. Usually, the top choice for diagnosing this condition is a liver biopsy, but should a person go through a liver function test, the results may display elevated liver enzymes. Treatment can involve things such as trying to avoid complications, and considering the underlying medical cause of the cirrhosis. More details about cirrhosis are available on this site.

Liver cancer

When there is a malignancy of this organ, it can result in various medical symptoms. Aside from jaundice, the person may be impacted by pain in the abdomen and/or back. Liver enlargement can also occur. Vomiting may be something that the person experiences. Anemia is a medical condition that can result when a person has liver cancer. There are different forms of this type of malignancy, and which one the patient is facing will be part of what affects what the preferred treatment method is. Read more on liver cancer.

Viral hepatitis

There are various forms of viral hepatitis, with the main ones being A, B, and C. The first of these three is only an acute infection, while the latter two illnesses can be acute, or can remain as chronic diseases. Symptoms, treatment, and other details can vary depending on which infection the individual has, as well as other factors. For instance, in hepatitis A, children rarely display symptoms, but most adults do. As for symptoms in the B and C versions, remember that these infections can be either acute or chronic -- symptoms may not be the same at one stage as in another. Look further into viral hepatitis.

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