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Lupus is a medical condition that can cause a patient to have elevated liver enzymes. Moreover, it can affect the person's liver in various ways.

What is lupus?

Although the term can refer to several conditions, it often means systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE for short). It is an autoimmune condition that can affect various parts of the patient's body. Aside from the liver, some of the other areas that are often impacted include the heart, skin, and nervous system, amongst others. In general, a person with lupus goes through times of remission, as well as episodes in which symptoms are noticed.

What are some symptoms?

There are actually many that can be experienced in some instances of this illness. One possibility is that the person may have a fever. A general unwell feeling can also affect the person. Both the muscles and the joints can be affected by pain. Skin symptoms are often noticed, including one that is particularly common: the "butterfly rash." As far as the kidneys are concerned, blood and protein may be found in the urine. Anemia is a common issue in patients with SLE. Of course, these do not make up a comprehensive list of possible issues.

What can cause SLE?

Lupus is brought on by a variety of issues. There are certain genetic factors that seem to contribute to its development (although no one particular gene has been found to be involved in this, several seem to have the possibility to affect incidence of this condition). Environmental factors can also be involved. Other, non-SLE kinds of lupus may be brought on by items like certain medications.

What is done for treatment?

To begin with, the situation needs to be diagnosed by a medical doctor. Testing and medical criteria can both be involved in that. Once the patient has been given a diagnosis of lupus, then the doctor may select from different treatment possibilities. In general, the aim of such management is to reduce the incidence of episodes, as well as to lessen the severity of those that do take place. Medications are often used. Modifications to the person's lifestyle can also be implemented. Surgery is one of the other things that might be taken into consideration in some cases.

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