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Obesity is one issue in which a person might have elevated liver enzymes. Although body mass index (BMI) is not always accurate in determining the healthiness of a person's weight (for instance, muscle weight causes it to be higher just as the weight of fat does), it is often used in a general sense to determine whether a person is obese. Using this method, a person is considered as obese at a figure that is greater than 30.

Obesity can lead to various health effects. Some of these complications that may show up are listed on this page.

Metabolic syndrome

This is a situation in which various medical conditions occur at in the patient. There are different definitions that are used, but central obesity is one of the things that can be considered. The patient might also have diabetes. Increased blood pressure is one of the other things that could be present. Cholesterol levels may be off, with HDL being low, and triglycerides (not actually cholesterol, but recorded on the same test) being higher than normal.


This medical condition typically involves episodes. In it, inflammatory arthritis hits joints in the person's body. In many cases, this involves the big toe, but it can be found in various other locations. The person can also be affected by fatigue, a fever, etc.

Ischemic heart disease (IHD)

In this situation, the person affected has a decreased supply of blood to his heart. Chest pain in certain circumstances is one of the possible symptoms of this disease. Heart failure is another issue that might indicate it is presence. IHD often occurs because of coronary artery disease. There are various things that a doctor may use in trying to diagnose this condition. Initially, electrocardiography is used. Blood testing can be involved. The patient might also have a chest X-ray. Based on the symptoms being experienced, certain testing methods may be employed.

Increased blood pressure

Medically known as hypertension, this is another situation that can result as a complication of obesity. Typically, symptoms are not noticed, but some people who have it might experience things such as ringing in the ears, headaches, and other issues. It can also lead to complications, including ischemic heart disease, chronic renal disease, and more.

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