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One of the medical situations in which elevated liver enzymes can occur is pancreatitis. What is this issue? It involves inflammation which affects the person's pancreas. Keep in mind that this condition may be either acute or chronic, and details on this page do not always distinguish between one form or the other. Of course, talk with your doctor for medical advice, as this site does not provide that but only information that is general in nature.


Pain is one of the main symptoms of pancreatitis. This discomfort affects the upper area of the abdomen, and can branch out to reach the person's back. Both nausea and vomiting are also common, with the latter becoming more of a problem when the person eats. The person's blood pressure can be unusual -- either higher (hypertension) or lower (hypotension), based on some factors.

Jaundice is another symptom that the patient might have. Pancreatic cancer is something that may result from this condition. Another issue that may arise as a complication is diabetes. Elevated liver enzymes may also show up in a person who has pancreatitis.


Many situations can lead to pancreatitis, with the most common being gallstones, and then consumption of alcohol. Both of these, by the way, can also lead to elevated liver enzymes.

A range of infections can also lead to pancreatitis, including several viruses, bacteria, and other items. The illness can also be autoimmune in nature. High levels of triglycerides in the person's blood is one of the other potential medical causes.


Be in contact with a medical doctor to try to receive a diagnosis of this condition. One of the things that the doctor may look for is the classical pain in the abdomen that is associated with pancreatitis. Blood tests may reveal certain things which can also be considered. A CAT scan can also be performed, which might show certain findings. An ultrasound is another one of the diagnostic methods


How the person's pancreatitis is treated can vary in one situation as compared to another. Treatment to relieve pain is one of the things that can be used. What a person ingests orally is also modified, and in particular fats are limited. Other methods are also employed. Keep in mind that this needs to be determined by someone who is qualified, like a doctor, and is not to be done based on what is read on this website.

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