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Elevated Liver Enzymes Treatment

Elevated liver enzymes can be brought on by a wide range of underlying medical causes, from liver diseases, to medications, and other issues. Once one has been diagnosed with the status, a treatment option may be selected. A liver function test may be used as part of the diagnostic process, and could reveal discrepancies in certain enzymes, such as AST, ALT, and others.

Elevated liver enzymes treatment methods can vary in one case of the condition to the next. In some circumstances, the doctor involved might suggest a changed diet that involves more liver healthy foods. Certain foods that can be harmful to the organ may need to be avoided or restricted.

In the case of abnormally high enzyme levels due to medication, getting qualified advice from a doctor is necessary in determining whether or not the medication can be stopped. In some circumstances, the medicine may be vital to the patient's health or even life. Talk with a doctor about this, as well as other aspects, and don't use the information on this site to try to make a decision.

If alcohol ingestion is behind the condition, then ceasing to drink alcoholic beverages may be a suggested measure of treatment. Should the liver enzymes remain high after stopping alcohol intake, or attempting other treatments, some blood tests may be run on the patient to determine whether there are any liver diseases that may also be at play.

Obesity is another common cause. In such a case, a slight weight reduction may be recommended. It will vary from case to case, but a starting point can be around 5% in many situations. The patient should not simply try to starve away the pounds, however, but still eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, perhaps mixed with more exercise.

Along with the measures to treat particular underlying that were previously mentioned, others may exist for those circumstances as well as the selection of other medical causes. If after testing, liver disease is found to be causing elevated liver enzymes, there may be different options available depending upon the exact problem affecting the liver.

Treatment for elevated liver enzymes can also involve herbal methods. Milk thistle (also known as silymarin) is one popular option. Bear in mind that it should not be used excessively, and the individual should also consider any contraindications (for existing medical conditions, other herbs, or medicines, etc.) as well as possible side effects.

Each type of underlying cause, as well as the extent of the condition, along with other factors, may lead to different treatment methods. These are only several options, and are not professional advice, nor can they be applied to any individual's case without having information on his circumstances.

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