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Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a particular type of infammatory bowel disease. It is possible for elevated liver enzymes to be present in a patient who has this condition. As far as population within the U.S. goes, estimates have the incidence of this condition at or less than one out of ten thousand people (or a tenth of a percent).


Different medical symptoms can be present in people with ulcerative colitis. Part of this has to do with how far the condition has progressed, where in the body it has reached, and how severe it is. A common symptom is diarrhea that has mucus as well as blood in it. This tends to come on over a period of time, and last for a matter of weeks. Abdominal symptoms may occur, including pain that can vary in severity, as well as cramping that accompanies bowel movements. A person with ulcerative colitis might also experience weight loss as one of the symptoms. Oral ulcers may show up as one of the symptoms. One other possibility is arthritis, which may appear in various forms.


No direct cause is known for this condition. There are various factors that are considered possibly to be linked to the development of ulcerative colitis. For instance, genetics is thought to be involved in its development. It is also thought that diet may play a role -- specifically, that foods which boost inflammation may be involved in bringing on this disease. Some people consider ulcerative colitis to be autoimmune in nature.


There are many items that a physician may use in testing for a potential diagnosis for ulcerative colitis. This page does not present a complete list of possibilities. One item that can be used is a complete blood count. Liver function tests can also be employed. The patient's urine may be analyzed. Kidney function tests might also be used. Endoscopy is considered the gold standard for actual diagnosis of the condition. Biopsy may also be performed. Various other conditions may need to be ruled out, one of which is Crohn's disease.


The method of treatment that is used for patients with ulcerative colitis varies. How severe the condition is, as well as how extensively it has affected the body, are some of the things that can be taken into consideration when choosing a treatment option. However, talk with a doctor about the particulars, rather than attempting to make a selection based on information you've read here. Various medications may be useful, and surgery is sometimes performed. Other treatment methods also exist.

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